Kelley Blue Book ® (KBB) prices are often quoted by auto dealers. Be sure to check which price is being quoted as KBB as valuations can differ greatly depending on whether a car is being quoted for retail sale, private sale or trade in.  The other thing to keep in mind is that the Kelley Blue Book price does not take into account any damage on your vehicle. It assumes a near perfect car.  A dealer may quote an attractive KBB price online or over the phone, but they will reduce that price drastically if there is any damage to the car or accident history in an online "vehicle history check" report.

Your valuation from® will be accurate if you declare all damage to and mechanical issues with your vehicle.  We're confident that we provide you with a more realistic valuation than Kelley Blue Book ®, because we take into account any damage on your vehicle.  If you need any help assessing your vehicle's condition, please contact your local branch and we'll be happy to help you obtain the best valuation for your car.

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Wendy D & James K, Lederach
(2007 Mercedes-Benz GL Class)