With a few weeks left in winter and spring approaching quickly, it’s time to get in your cars and head to the slopes before the snow accumulation is obsolete and the desire to sell your car for a shiny convertible arises. But driving in snowy conditions often sends a wave of anxiety over even the most experienced drivers as road conditions and a car’s ability to navigate on them is unpredictable.But before you sell your car, is yours on our list of this season’s most reliable cars to venture to the mountains in? Based off a few things – including performance, cost, safety, cargo capacity and additional winter features - we picked our five favorites to drive before winter ends!

Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Jeep Grand Cherokee provides an all-wheel-drive system with five different settings, including snow. The sensors equipped to help detect blind spots and assist with merging easier as well as the standard towing capacity make the Jeep Grand Cherokee a great mountain climbing car.

Subaru Outback. Able to clear approximately 8.5 inches of snow, the Subaru Outback is a stable ride that provides confidence to the driver in any climate situation. New to the 2013 model, the Outback is equipped with a program known as EyeSight which assists drivers in making conscious choices to brake early and avoid accidents – all done by two cameras mounted in the front of the vehicle. All-weather floor mats, fender splash guards and a rear bumper protector are perfect for snowy conditions around the slopes.

Toyota 4 Runner Trail. Built for the snow, this SUV can clear up to 9.6 inches of snow making it ideal for trips to the mountains. Truly created for an off-road experience, the Toyota 4 Runner Trail can get over any kind of surface.  The 4 Runner Trail comes equipped with a ton of storage options including a rear sliding cargo deck with under floor storage.

Acura RDX. In addition to the large size, the safety features included in the Acura RDX make this a great ride if you’re looking to take your whole family on a vacation. Equipped with head restraints and additional air bags, you’ll feel safe loading not only your belongings, but also your children into this ride. The Acura RDX is available in both all-wheel and front-wheel drive, but we recommend the all-wheel-drive if you’re looking to travel in less than perfect weather conditions. Plus, you’ll love the hands-free options including a voice navigation system and a hatch that opens and closes with the touch of a button.

Subaru Legacy. The Subaru Legacy, although not an SUV, provides a sleek look while also being able to provide stability in slippery conditions with its standard all-wheel-drive. Other things we love about this car? Well besides the alerts warning the drive to brake to avoid a possible collision, the heated seats, ski attachment, and additional hardware that can hold up to six pairs of skis, we are a big fan on the cargo capacity allowing you to bring all your ski or snowboard gear with you.

So whether you’re looking to brave the weather, or simply looking for a car that can provide reliability and great safety features, the 5 choices above get our approval. If you’re ready to sell your car and get into a safer option, visit webuyanycar.com for your free valuation. We’ll help you sell your car without having to deal with creating ads, sifting through spam emails, or being persuaded by pushy dealerships. Instead, we’ll walk with you through an inspection and provide a check within a few minutes following your valuation – you can’t go wrong with a little extra money to spend near the slopes! 

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