The folks over at How Stuff Works (R) put together an awesome list of things you can do – we took that list and pulled out what we thing are the top 7 tips. Check ‘em out:

1.       Slow it down, people. We’re talking to you, lead foot. Slow down and you’ll use less fuel— in fact, going 60 mph instead of 70 mph will likely save you anywhere from 2 - 4 miles per gallon.

2.       Lighten your load. All that junk in your trunk can actually affect your gas mileage! The less unnecessary weight in your vehicle, the better.

3.       Combine trips. Plan your errands so you can do them all at once, instead of running out multiple times a day. Choose stores that are close together – or even at a mall – so you can walk between them instead of starting up and moving your car each time.

4.       Check your tires. Know the recommended pressure for your tires and check them regularly. Keep them aired up correctly to increase your fuel economy.

5.       Take it easy. Avoid smashing the accelerator or brake pedal. Speed up slowly and coast to a stop. This isn’t just good for your fuel efficiency, but for your brakes (and your passenger’s nerves).

6.       Don’t overheat. Being in Philly, we feel your pain on this one. In the winter, it’s best not to let your car “warm up” for more than 30 seconds. Letting it sit and run for 30 minutes in the morning just wastes fuel, therefore decreasing your efficiency.

7.       Carpool. Your neighbor who also works at the office next to yours will likely be happy you asked to trade rides!

What tips do you have for getting better fuel efficiency? Share them with us on Twitter or Facebook

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