Decades ago, trucks were a “one size fits all” type of automobile. Whether it was Ford, or Chevy or something else, most models were pretty standard with only slight variations from manufacturer to manufacturer. Throughout the years, popularity increased and the reason people bought trucks changed. As peoples’ purpose for purchasing has changed so have the trucks.

Today there are a lot of different trucks to choose from ranging in style, performance and price. While one truck is designed for the construction site, the next is ready for a night out on the town. So how do you chose which truck is right for you? It starts by analyzing wants and needs. Below you will find some key factors to consider before purchasing a truck.

1.)   Cab style – The standard cab seats two people (possibly three) with no second row. If you will be using this truck by yourself or are looking to maximize the bed size, a standard cab may be what you want. However, if you have a large family or want an area to store things that is locked up and safe from the elements outside, an extended cab may be what you need. Need something even bigger? A crew cab offers the biggest second row and 4 doors for easy in and out. 

2.)   Towing – Will you be using this truck to pull other cars? A camper? A Trailer? Depending on your plans, you need to make sure the towing capacity meets your needs. Look for a truck with good horsepower and torque. If you have your heart set on a specific style or brand of truck but the towing capability isn’t up to your standards, ask about additional towing packages. It may cost extra money but if you can’t tow what you expect, then it may negate the purchase altogether.

3.)   Truck caps, toppers and camper shells – If you are going to be using the truck to move objects that can be adversely affected by the elements or have a high probability of theft, something like a camper shell may come in handy. Trucks usually have this as an add-on but you may be able to find a dealer that will include it as part of the standard purchase price. (Brushing up on your negotiating skills can really help here)   

4.)   Truck Box Configuration – A standard truck bed has straight exterior sides with arched areas just inside the bed to accommodate the rear wheels. This can cut into your hauling area and if that is a problem, look for step side truck boxes. Step side truck boxes have flairs which provide space for the rear wheels without eating up your bed space. Keep in mind step side trucks are generally more expensive.

5.)   Interior technology – like most cars, it’s important that the cab interior meets your needs as well. It’s great if you have a truck that can transport your family across state while towing a large trailer but if your truck doesn't come equipped with rear seat tv screens you might find your children asking “are we there yet” every mile of the journey. If you need a multi-disk cd changer, Bluetooth capability, a built-in GPS or something else make sure you ask for it at the dealership. Not everything is standard but today’s trucks can be customized to meet the needs of pretty much any buyer.  

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