It's easily to be distracted while driving - especially when traveling down to the shore and sitting in traffic. Distracted driving is defined by the Department of Motor Vehicles as anything that would cause a driver to have to take their attention away from driving, take their eyes off of the road or take their hands off the wheel. This can account from a number of different scenarios -- from eating to changing the radio -- many people believe they are invincible when driving and thus creating dangerous situations for themselves and also other drivers on the road.

One of the most distracting things a driver can do is check their cell phone. Whether it's by texting or talking on these handheld devices, most people who do this do not realize the danger or they do and choose not to address the situation. Mobile leaders AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and 200 other organizations have joined forces to break this bad habit by drivers known as the "It Can Wait" campaign where they encourage drivers to not text and drive.

This summer when driving, we encourage drivers to keep your hands on the wheel and off your cell phones,. Summer generally has higher driving risks that many people are unaware of because of the nicer weather. Being focused on the road instead of your text messaging is important for not only your safety but the safety of others.

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