As summer comes to an end, you may see an increasing number of advertisements in the auto industry promoting end-of-summer sales. data explains that as the summer ends, dealers tend to be sitting on a larger-than-average supply of big trucks, cars and SUVs.  With car inventory and sales increasing, this is an amazing time to sell your car and get behind the wheel of a new one.    

But maybe you have financing you owe on your current car? Or maybe you're not too impressed with the trade-in value the dealer can provide to you. If that's the case checking out and getting your   free valuation will allow you to sell us your car in as little as 30 minutes and walk away with a check able to deposited that day.

Wouldn't it be great to take that deposit right to the dealership and land a deal on a great new car? We think so! Right now our pricing is increasing on many different makes and models -- specifically SUVs!     Take advantage of the many dealers who are especially eager to close sales on existing stocks at this time of the year, before shipments of new 2014-designated models hit the lot!

Stay tuned for our blog on top 5 cars to sell in September later this month!

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