As summer approaches the idea of getting behind the wheel of a convertible or even just a car with a great sunroof comes to mind. But when is the right time to sell your car? Doing research and not jumping the gun on an auto purchase is best in any case, however some approaching trends are important to consider in the next upcoming months.

Selling Near the Holidays. With upcoming holidays such as Mothers and Fathers Days, graduation, and the Fourth of July, a demand for used cars is a bit higher. Many buyers know that dealerships offer significant discounts during these times and expect to get a deal which isn't always an ideal situation for someone trying to privately sell a car. 

Extreme Temperatures. As extreme summer temperatures approach, people who rely on public transportation would rather not wait outside for their transportation to arrive or unreliable air conditioning on the bus. Most people travel in these months as well, and sometimes it is to places far beyond their reliable public transportation's limits. This can become a great selling point. 

End of the Month. If you're looking to buy a car, the end of the month is the best time to do so as auto manufacturers offer various incentives to dealers to encourage them to move more product. This is especially seen around October when the end of the model year is near. Many dealers report back to their manufacturers to let them know what is and is not selling. If your model is selling, you can expect to get a higher value for your car

The Model of Your Car. The model of the car you are driving is a beneficial factor in the summer. People tend not to want to drive around in their gas-guzzling, four-wheel drive SUVs during the summer months when gas prices tend to rise. Selling your fuel-efficient vehicle during these months can work to your advantage in the early summer months. Near the end of summer and early fall, selling your SUV is ideal if you are in an area that receives inclement weather conditions.

If you are looking to sell your car and need a fast, easy and safe way to sell your car, using is a great way to do so. Rather than watch your car sit in front of your house with a fading "For Sale" sign and worry about offers far below your car's value for an extended period of time, take advantage of the demand for your car at this time. Just like summer, these trends don't last all year! Take advantage of the opportunity to sell your car quickly (and maybe get a few extra dollars for a beach vacation) by using! 

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