“Wait a minute, Doc. Ah... Are you telling me that you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?”

Marty McFly of the Back to the Future trilogy famously uttered those words when Doc Brown showed off his time-traveling DeLorean. Built with the the intent of gaining insights into history and the future, Marty and Doc set off to travel through the decades in their souped-up DeLorean. However, in typical movie fashion, the plan goes awry and they instead wind up using it to travel across 130 years of history (from 1885 to 2015) undoing the negative effects of time travel.

For those of us in the real world, driving a DeLorean is a real possibility. And when we heard about plans for an all-electric DeLorean, we couldn’t help but shout “Great Scott!”

DMC announced that it plans to work with electric car startup Epic EV to get an all-electric DMC-12 into production by 2013. Early reports say the Electric DeLorean will have a maximum speed of 125 miles per hour and offer 260 horsepower.  Plans say the gullwing doors will remain, but other details are nonexistent at this point. One concern that some diehards may notice: where will the battery pack and motor go? The original version had a rear-mounted engine, so some speculation says it may remain there. Either way, you can start saving your pennies now. Estimated retail price is between $90,000 and $100,000.

Now no one is claiming that an all-electric DeLorean will have the ability to travel through time, however if it did it sure could help with carpooling efficiency, don’t you think?

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