Thinking about preparing your car for the warm spring and summer months may not cross your mind, however, to ensure the value of your car and offer the best value when selling it, you’ll want to make sure your car is in its best shape. The cold, harsh winter weather conditions can do more wear and tear on your car than you may think! We’ve provided 3 areas to make sure you’re maintaining the value of your car all season long.

Tires. During the spring, your car needs to be able to pull you through the mud, as well as get you over wet roads. Generally, the cooler winter weather does a number on your car’s tire pressure so checking to make sure the tire pressure is at the recommended manufacture’s level will also help you get the most economically out of your car.

Hoses and Belts. Look for any cracking on the hoses and belts and for any leaking of the hoses.Catching these problems early can mean the difference between a quick and inexpensive repair and being broken down alongside the road needing expensive repairs. One quick tip we recommend is to test this out while your car’s engine is warm – not hot! If something is “off” with your car you may notice an odd coolant smell or even hear some strange noises.

Fluids. Though you may want to refer to your owner’s manual to tell you where the various fluid bottles are, each will usually have a fill line or a dipstick. One area you may immediately want to check from winter’s harsh salt would be the windshield-washer fluid. Getting an oil change as well will also help with the vehicle’s engine durability.

There you have it! Following these tips will have you more than prepared for the spring and summer months while maintaining your car’s value. To get a valuation on your car in just 60 seconds, visit®! You’ll love the fast, safe, and friendly way to sell your car with us!

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