A recent trend for twenty and thirty-year olds has been the shift toward urban living. Unlike previous generations, younger-aged citizens are turning their nose up at suburbia and targeted the convenience of city living. Following the wake of this trend is another movement that is growing in the United States. Americans are riding public transit in record numbers!

With the cost of owning a car on the rise and the access to public transit becoming more and more accessible, people are seeing the benefit of public transit now more than ever. According to data released by the American Public Transportation Association, more Americans are boarding buses, trains and subways than any time since the suburbs began booming.

Nearly 10.7 billion trips were calculated in 2013 alone. That is the highest total since 1956 according to the ridership data. Michael Melaniphy, president and CEO of the public transportation association is quoted as saying, “This is a long-term trend. This isn’t just a blip. People are making a fundamental shift to having options.” City living and public transportation certainly offers options.

Among the cities seeing the biggest gains are Los Angeles, Houston, Seattle, Denver, San Diego and not surprisingly New York City. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority gained 9 million trips in 2013 and New York City accounts for one in three trips nationally.

“People want to work and live along transit lines,”Melaniphy said, “Business, universities and housing are all moving along those corridors.”

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