With the cold, harsh winter now behind us it’s time to turn our attention to spring. With warm weather comes spring cleaning, but it’s not just your house that needs attention, your car can also go for some tender love and care. After your vehicle has worked extra hard to get you from point A to point B all throughout the winter months, it’s time to reward it with some regular maintenance. Below are some tips to help make sure your vehicle is not only appreciated but keeps running long into the future. 

Fluid Levels - Inspect your engine’s fluids to ensure theyare full. Make sure things like coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid,transmission fluid and engine oil are at their recommended levels. If you donot know where these are located check your owner’s manual.

Check Your Battery – Your battery can be drained quickly ifyou live in a location with exceptionally harsh winters. When the freeze startsto melt and the warm weather is on the horizon make sure your battery isreliable. Just because it’s warm now, doesn't mean there isn't residual damagefrom the cold. If your battery is a few years old and your car takes a fewseconds to start, have your battery inspected at your local shop.

Inspect Your Wheel Alignment – After a winter of spinning onice and hitting pothole after pothole it’s important to make sure your wheelsare aligned. If you feel your car pulling to one side or another have youralignment adjusted. It’s a relatively cheap and quick procedure and it willprevent larger issues from forming like prematurely worn out tires.

Look For Rust – Check the exterior of your vehicle for rust.With road salt constantly being used over the winter it’s easy for it to clingonto your car and form rust. If you find rust treat it immediately! If you don’tfind any rust, now would still be a good time to run your car through a carwash.

Check Wipers And Lighting – Snow and ice can wear down yourwindshield wiper’s lifespan. Check and test your wipers to make sure they arestill working effectively. If they are faulty switch them out as soon aspossible. Same goes for lighting, make sure all exterior (and interior) lightsare working. Turn on your headlights, flash your high-beams and make sure yourbrake and back-up lights are working properly. It’s important to not only see, but be seen as well. 

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