Is it a chore or a pleasure to drive a car? The answer will vary depending on who you ask. What won’t vary is the realization that someday soon, cars will drive themselves. Yes, the future is upon us! What was only imaginable in science fiction movies is now moving closer and closer to becoming a part of everyday life.  After Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill back in January that makes driving autonomous cars legal in California, automotive supply giant, Continental, have announced they plan to have full autonomous vehicles on the road by 2025.

Laying out an aggressive agenda, Ralf Lenninger, senior vice president at Continental plans to have autonomous assistance available for limited freeway driving and for construction areas by 2015. By 2017 the company will add low-speed city capability, followed by two-lane highway and country road driving by the end of the decade.

At a formal demonstration in Alzenau, Continental demonstrated crucial advancements toward the breakthrough including 360-degree cameras, adaptive cruise control, emergency break assist using radar and camera options as well as emergency brake assist pedestrian protection.  When technology is fully implemented the autonomous car can make evasive maneuvers including steering itself out of a lane and then back into a lane.

Continental is not the only company interested in creating driverless cars. Google has also thrown its hat in the ring as a company looking to develop the technology. Google’s Anthony Levandowski said he expects his company to have them on the market in five years, although the company quickly recanted that timeline shortly after the statement was made.

Some people think the joy of driving outweighs the technological advancement while others believe the additional time spent being more productive rather than driving in a traffic jam is worth the technological breakthrough.

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