With an extended Valentine’s Day weekend quickly approaching, many couples will be embarking on a weekend getaway. Whether it’s nearby or a bit of a hike, couples will be climbing in their vehicles to get to their desired destination. That being said, traveling with a significant other can be, well, downright stressful. From choice of music to how one interprets the GPS (or neglects it altogether), the tension for an unpleasant weekend is the elephant in the car. There are four things to keep in mind while on the road with your significant other.

Set Goals Before Leaving.  Making clear goals where you’d like to travel is important. If one partner wants to stop at every rest stop along the way and the other is determined to reach your destination as quickly as possible, the room for disagreement will grow rapidly in a relatively small space. Plan out your trip and set goals on your arrival time to your destination to meet both person’s needs. This may mean compromising a bit, but that’s what a relationship is all about!

Everyone’s Driving Technique is Different. Whether you’ve got a steel foot or you’re more cautious, understanding your significant other’s driving style is important.You don’t want to have your spouse gripping onto the handle for dear life nor do you want to watch people on bicycle’s flying past you.  Taking it easy and following traffic signal sis a great way for you to relax, take a breath, and enjoy some new sites together.

Make Sure Your Car is Ready for Travel.  Used and older cars may not be the best choice of transportation when headed out on a trip. Though it may seem like your 1970 Cadillac will always be your reliable car, you will want to get it checked out before heading on the road, especially if it’s a long distance trip! Nothing is more stressful than worrying about car repairs and nothing will damper your ability to enjoy your weekend away than being stranded on the side of the road. Be sure to check your fluid levels, tires,and get to the bottom of any odd noises.

Expect the Unexpected. No matter how often you plan, you can never prepare for the unexpected – a deer jumping out in front of your car, a flat tire, or even an awful hotel room.  Always be sure to have a little extra money stashed away for those unexpected moments that come along so as not to take away from the experience of your trip.

Whether you’re traveling together for the first time or the tenth, one thing is for sure, you will want to be in a safe and reliable vehicle. If it’s time to trade in your car, head over to webuyanycar.com to sell your car today!  Webuyanycar provides you with a fast cash value on your car that may even allowing you to end up having extra spending for your trip! Don't forget to send us a tweet  & tag us on Instagram so we can follow along with your trip! Need some road trip inspiration? Check out our Road Trip board on Pinterest

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