You, your kids, and even your pets get Halloween costumes… but what about your car?

Decorating your car is a great way to show some Halloween spirit for a few days (or weeks) leading up to All Hallows Eve. There are lots of simple ways to add a bit of spooky flare to your car (without causing any harm to your vehicle). Today, we’re showing off a few of our favorite car costumes and encourage you to try them on for size!

(Fake) Body Parts Protruding from the Window or Trunk

Want to make people do a double take as you drive by? Put a severed arm or a bloody hand in your trunk or window to give the illusion that there is a body in your car. Watch out for people with weak stomachs!


Jack-o-Lantern Flags and Grill Clips

For people with kids (or folks that scare easily) a great alternative to severed body parts is the classic bright orange pumpkin decoration. You can find these to clip on your grill and windows, providing a festive holiday reminder without being too spooky.


Halloween-Themed Window Clings

You put window clings all over your house, so why not your car? As long as you don’t obstruct your view (safety first of course!), support the Halloween season by sporting some witches, bats, ghosts or black cats on your car.


These are some of our favorite, quick and simple ways to decorate your car for Halloween. What do you do to decorate your car? Head over to our Facebook Page and let us know which type of decorations you like for your car this Halloween!

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